Overview of Therapy Sessions with Dr. Olinger:

  • In the initial session, Dr. Olinger discusses with the person what issues they are experiencing, what they have already done to try and deal with these issues, how well these attempts have worked, and what therapy goals they have. Therapy begins during this initial session to assist the individual in making progress toward overcoming the issues or concerns that have brought them to therapy.
  • Dr. Olinger may provide some assessment instruments to take home, complete and return for scoring.
  • Dr. Olinger then reviews the assessment results while also considering the implications for therapy, given the person’s specific goals.
  • Dr. Olinger continues to work individually with the person throughout all sessions, while monitoring progress towards the specified goals.
  • Dr. Olinger will often assign homework to be completed for the next session. This homework is directly related to the person's issues and therapeutic goals.
  • Dr. Olinger will usually recommend some books that will be of assistance to the person in bringing about the desired therapeutic changes.
  • Examples of books include: Feeling Good, Feeling Good Handbook, When Panic Attacks, and Intimate Connections -- all by Dr. David Burns; Reinventing Your Life, and Schema Therapy: A Practitioner’s Guide by Dr. Jeff Young.
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